RED Wedding

Red is bold. Red is romantic, charming, protective, mysterious while grand, seductive and sexy. This are the words that could describe our bride & groom. Red was their wedding theme. Mirela & Edi got married at Ljubljana Old City. They had an honor to get married by mayor of Ljubljana Mr. Zoran Janković. After saying YES, their celebration head on in Austria Trend hotel. Incredible red roses centerpiece for this glamorous wedding were made by Penelope decor as well as Mirela’s simple yet stunning red roses bouquet. Mirela wore two breathtakingly beautiful wedding dresses by Penelope. And the way she wore them, Oh if I could only describe it… Like she was born in them, the way that dress spin around her was just… AMAZING!!! She looked like princes. Our lovely couple decided to have their after wedding shooting in Volčji Potok Arboretum.

In this horticultural heaven people come on hot days to find delight in charming gaily coloured flower beds offering a proof of summer strengths. In the end if this blog post I would only love to remind you that red is celebration of love.

Love S&S xoxo

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