G+A Wedding

Once again, we bring you one beautiful wedding. This young couple we met personally day before wedding, all the arrangement we did over the email because they live in Sweden. So we can truly say we didn’t knew much about them. But when we first met them, it was clear to us that this will be amazing wedding, and due to mixture of culture a really special wedding. Our beautiful bride Gamze is from Konya, and Arnes was born in Bosnia. Gamze’s beauty and Arnes’s elegance are what made this wedding special. We are really excited to share this photos whit you!

Photography-S&S-01 Photography-S&S-3Photography-S&S-6 Photography-S&S-7 Photography-S&S-12aPhotography-S&S-11Photography-S&S-14 Photography-S&S-20 Photography-S&S-23 Photography-S&S-13 Photography-S&S-26 Photography-S&S-30 Photography-S&S-95 Photography-S&S-96 Photography-S&S-100Photography-S&S-83Photography-S&S-41 Photography-S&S-42 Photography-S&S-46 Photography-S&S-64 Photography-S&S-68 Photography-S&S-69Photography-S&S-74 Photography-S&S-132 Photography-S&S-337 DSC_8544DSC_0641 als Smartobjekt-1aa DSC_0744 DSC_0767 als Smartobjekt-1 DSC_0780-Bearbeitet DSC_0802 als Smartobjekt-1 DSC_0831 als Smartobjekt-1 DSC_0858 als Smartobjekt-1DSC_0891-Bearbeitet1 DSC_0929 als Smartobjekt-1 DSC_0972 als Smartobjekt-1DSC_1000 als Smartobjekt-3 DSC_1007 als Smartobjekt-1 DSC_1014 als Smartobjekt-1DSC_1010 DSC_1023 als Smartobjekt-1 DSC_1026 als Smartobjekt-1 DSC_6924 als Smartobjekt-1DSC_0703 Photography-S&S-104 Photography-S&S-106 Photography-S&S-108 Photography-S&S-109 Photography-S&S-129Photography-S&S-186 Photography-S&S-188 Photography-S&S-193 Photography-S&S-197 Photography-S&S-211 Photography-S&S-214 Photography-S&S-232 Photography-S&S-237 Photography-S&S-239 Photography-S&S-242 Photography-S&S-248Photography-S&S-460 Photography-S&S-249 Photography-S&S-269

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